Cheez 3.0
Getting Started

Cheez is a powerful, yet easy to use, image cataloguing tool. It's main purpose is to help people with digital cameras organize, enhance and share their photos and video clips. Of course it can be used for any kind of image collection.

For every media file in your collection, Cheez can store any information that you may enter (such as a description, a number of keywords or a date). It uses a single text file (XML format) for that purpose, making backups very easy. Searching is quite powerful and fast while other features include editing, printing, slideshow, mailing, web albums, exif and many others.


The main screen is divided in 3 panes:

  1. The left pane is a tree with your Films. Every Film represents a folder holding images. You can create new Films (Right click on any Tree node and select New Film), delete Films (be careful), reposition Films (drag them over/under or in other Films), sort them.
  2. The top right pane shows the thumbnails of the currently selected Film. Double clicking a thumbnail will open the image in a new window. You can drag images to other Films (use Shift and Control to select multiple images). Also you can refresh, rotate or delete images (be careful). Exif info will show you information about images taken by a digital camera.
  3. Finally the right bottom pane displays some information for the selected image and also allows you to enter a Description, some Keywords and a Date. If no image is selected then the information you see/enter are related to the Film itself. You should enter a short description of the image in Description, some special words in keywords (e.g. names of people displayed in a photo) and the date of the photo in Date. Dates can be checked against a standard type (e.g. DD/MM/YYYY) if you want (see Preferences).
Importing Images

Images managed by Cheez are copied and stored under Films, a folder initally located under the installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Cheez\Films). You can change the store location if you want (see Changing Store location). There are many ways to import images for use with Cheez:

  1. Using the Import capabilities of Cheez, where you select a folder (or single image)
  2. By dragging images or folders from Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer or other applications onto the main window or on an existing Film.
  3. Using the Acquire button, to get images from a connected scanner, digital camera or other digital device.
  4. Copying files or folders inside the Films folder and then Refreshing (Cheez will find the new images and import them)

To search for images or films click the Find button. Give a word or part of a word and press Search. A list of all matches will come up. You can see a small thumbnail of images and the information you have entered. Double clicking will display an image.


Cheez has lots of other features, so please keep reading (you can create Web albums to get your images online, you can see your images in a Slide show etc).
For all questions mail Copyright © 2002 - 2005, Dimitris Giannitsaros. All rights reserved.