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Apr 28, 2004

I did some minor work on the site today, trying to make it more readable. Basically i just used larger fonts and changed most link colors.

Cheez development is going good as i prepare the next version (which will probably be released in the next two months). Some of the new (implemented) features include:

  • Migration to Gfl graphic library. This affects lots of things: import/refresh is much faster now, more formats are supported (around 100 formats), lossless rotation of JPEG images
  • Speed improvements in lots of actions (Web albums, searching etc)
  • Advanced search: any word, all words, phrase
  • New dExif library v 1.01a. This solves the problems some people had reading exif from some cameras.
  • Copy images to folder or clipboard/Copy film to folder
  • Slideshow of search results
  • ViewImage can now display Next/Prev image from search results or Film or External dir
  • Better keyboard support
  • Window positions/sizes are saved

    I will probably post the first beta soon so i get some feedback. If you have any suggestions or feature requests now is the time to tell me!
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