Cheez 3.0
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Happy New Year
Jan 14, 2003

Happy new year everyone!

Cheez has been downloaded more than 30.000 times which makes me quite happy! Also i receive a lot of emails with comments, suggestions and some bug reports ;-) Thanks!

I haven't done any real work on Cheez since September but i have done a lot of reasearch (mostly about Exif info and acquiring images from TWAIN devices) and design (what features will go in the next version etc).

The most requested features from your emails are:
  • Selecting directory to store images
  • Printing
  • Rotating images

    Other things that i consider implementing for the next version are:
  • HTML album creation
  • Slideshow
  • Better thumbnail quality
  • Exif info
  • TWAIN devices support

    If you have any other ideas now is the time to tell me! Send me an email with your suggestions.
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