Cheez 3.0
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New beta version 1.1.1 released
May 07, 2003

Well after 8 months here is a new version of Cheez to download. It is a BETA release, which means some things may not work as they should, so be careful!

The most important things are the creation of HTML pages for your images (so you can easily upload them and have your albums online), the Exif Info support and the ability to change the store location of your images. Also refreshing is much faster now.

Here is a list of changes:
  • F - Create internet albums
  • F - Get EXIF info - Edit comment
  • B - Fixed ZoomIn/ZoomOut icons
  • B - Support Icons (.ico) and Metafiles (.emf, .wmf)
  • B - After writing Film/Image info and clicking on blank space nothing is saved
  • F - Change the Films directory
  • U - Refreshing an image does not reload all images in current Film (unless deleted)
  • B - Cannot close Cheez while importing/refreshing
  • F - Refreshing is based on timestamps (saved in the XML), so it is MUCH faster
  • F - Rename images
  • F - Order images by Name
  • F - Rotate Image (BMP, TGA, JPG, EMF, WMF)
    F stands for feature, B for Bug fix, U for update

    Go to the Download area to get it!

    As always i welcome your thoughts and suggestions!
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