Cheez 3.0
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Version 3.4 released
Mar 13, 2005

Cheez 3.4 is available for download.

This version brings a major overhaul of date/time handling. Now a lot more options are offered:

So if you have strict dates on, then you can do 2 things:
i) Synchronize date of all images with Cheez: for images without completed date info, EXIF data will be used to extract the date (or the file creation timestamp if no EXIF is available)
ii) You can select to always synchronize dates after importing new images. You can of course edit these later.

Here is a list of changes:
  • F - Added time field
  • F - Dates can be synchronized using EXIF info or file creation date
  • F - Dates can be synchronized automatically after importing
  • U - Updated dExif to 1.02a
    F stands for feature, B for Bug fix, U for update

    As always i welcome your thoughts and suggestions! If you find any bugs please report them.
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