Cheez 3.0

Program translations
Site translations


Special thanks go to these people for translating Cheez:

Language Translator Web site / Email
Czech Radek -
Danish Andreas Mogelmose
Dutch Wil van der Heijden -
Finnish Kristian Laakkonen kristianlaakkonen at
French Maria Koutra -
German Timo Kahle (v.20, v3.0)
Clemens Meinicke-Kleint (aka Lycox) (v3.2 - v3.4)
Greek Maria Koutra -
Hungarian Gabor Puskas
Italian Giuseppe de Caterina gdec at
Latvian Enars Plinta -
Norwegian Terje M Mjelde -
Polish Grzegorz Jarosinski scriptorium at
Portuguese Albino Pimentel de Paiva albino.paiva at
Portuguese (Brazil) Demetrius Sampaio Felinto smilodom.brasilia at
Spanish Eduardo Ridaura (v2.0)
Maria Koutra (v3.0)
eduardorid at
Swedish Daniel Johansson
Traditional Chinese Joanna (v2.0, v3.0)
Eric Lee (v3.2)
Turkish Ali N. Hekimbelgen

Helping with translations

Translating Cheez is very easy and should not take more that 1-2 hours. If you are interested in helping with a translation, here are some basic help notes (if you have any problems, please contact me by email).

a) Go to Cheez\Languages\ directory
b) Copy and paste the "EN.txt" file so that you create "Copy of EN.txt"
c) Rename "Copy of EN.txt" to "xx.txt" where xx is the 2 letter code of your country
d) Open it in a text editor e.g. Notepad
e) The first lines should be in english always:
Name = NewLanguageName
Id = xx
Encoding = NewLanguageName (ISO-8859-1)

Now after the line
you have to translate everything that does NOT start with a question mark
[;] and ONLY to the right of the equal mark [=]
mRes1 = Importing %s
should become
mRes1 = TranslatedWordForImporting %s
Do not delete/translate the [%s] you may encouter.

Save the file and run Cheez. Select NewLanguageName from the Languages menu (it should be there!). Your translated strings should appear!

There are three lines for you (the translator). These are displayed when someone opens the Help/About form. They are:
afRes33 = Name Surname (your name)
afRes34 = (your site/email or a (-) if you don't want anything to be displayed)
afRes35 = A small dedication e.g. Greets to all!

Translating the site

You can also help translating the site: only this small page needs translating. If you translate it, please send me your work so i can put it online!

Cheez would not have been possible without the work of these people:

Name Site  
Mike Lischke For his Virtual Treeview control (and for Graphics Ex, a graphics library used until v2.0)
Marc Keeley For GlyphsPro, a collection of glyphs
David Barton For his Base64 encoding functions.
Nullsoft For NSIS, an Open Source installer.
Gerry McGuire, Matthias Wandel - For dEXIF, a library handling EXIF data
David Nieves - For MultiTWAIN, a library for accessing TWAIN devices.
Pierre-e Gougelet For LibGFL, a graphics library.
Stefan Heymann For LibXmlParser, a library for accessing XML documents
Eric W. Engler,
Chris Vleghert,
Angus Johnson
Eric site
Angus site
For Zipdll.dll, Unzdll.dll and TZip, libraries for handling ZIP files
Mike Shkolnik For SendMail, a library for MAPI support
Khaled Shagrouni For XPMenu, a component that offers Office XP style controls
Stavros Papadopoulos / Anadelta - For his image resizing routines.
For all questions mail Send email Copyright © 2002 - 2006, Dimitris Giannitsaros. All rights reserved.