Cheez 3.0

Some of the features of Cheez are:

  • One central location for all your images and videos (you choose where that location is).
  • No limits on the number of films, images and videos you can organize.
  • Thumbnails are created for every image, so browing images is quite fast. You can set the desired size for the thumbnails.
  • Over 100 image formats are supported: BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF, TGA, GIF, ICO, WMF/EMF etc.
  • You can enter information for every image or film (description, keywords or a date).
  • Use a custom created list of keywords to quickly tag your images.
  • You can search for images/videos or films based on this information.
  • There are many ways to import images (import functions, drag and drop from Windows, copy and refresh).
  • You can also acquire images from digital devices e.g. a scanner or a digital camera.
  • One file is used to store the thumbnails and the information about every image, making backups really easy. Moreover this file is a simple text file in XML format, thus allowing you to manipulate it with other programs (e.g. do search/replace with a text editor).
  • You can browse folders without importing their images to your films.
  • Cheez supports a simple way to send a collection of thumbnails with their information to a friend of yours.
  • Select images and videos and send them to your frinds by e-mail. Images can be resized before sending.
  • You can view images either with the built-in image viewer or by using any other program installed on your computer.
  • Customizable Open with menu.
  • Slideshow images.
  • Display Exif info for JPG images and edit their embedded comment.
  • Create web albums.
  • Enhance images with a wide variety of filters.
  • You can print your images with their accompanying information.
  • Batch rename your files (e.g. File-0001, File-0002 etc)
  • 12 languages are supported.
  • Cheez needs no shared DLLs and no registry keys. This means you can write your installation folder to a CD/DVD and run Cheez from there.
  • Finally Cheez is absolutely free!
For all questions mail Send email Copyright © 2002 - 2006, Dimitris Giannitsaros. All rights reserved.