Cheez 3.0
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Beta version 1.1.2 is released!
May 17, 2003

In this new beta version of Cheez a lot of things have been improved and added. The most important new features are the SlideShow capability, acquiring images from cameras, scanners and other TWAIN compatible devices and better keyboard support.

Here is a complete list of changes:

  • B - Fixed memory leak (thumbnails)
  • B - Importing from films directory is now disabled
  • U - Deleting files or directories uses the Recycle Bin
  • U - Speed improvement when showing a Film
  • U - Speed improvement when rotating images
  • F - SlideShow images
  • F - Acquire images from TWAIN devices
  • B - Renaming image first checks for same extension
  • U - Better mouse wheel support
  • U - Much better thumbnail quality
  • F - Left/right/up/down keys to move selected image (TAB focuses ScollBox)
    F stands for feature, B for Bug fix, U for update

    Go to the Download area to get it!

    As always i welcome your thoughts and suggestions!
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