Cheez 3.0
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Version 2.3 released!
Jul 01, 2004

Cheez 2.3 is available for download. With this, Cheez is getting closer to a v3.0 release! This version is quite stable and i recommend it both for old and new users. Eleven languages are supported, although some new captions may still be untranslated for languages other than English (so they always come up in English).

Here is a list of changes:
  • U - Migrate to LibGfl 2.11
  • U - Save tree width
  • U - Move items up/down on Choose Program form
  • F - Print images
  • U - when renaming files, the extension is added if not given by user
  • B - Fixed bad thumbnail quality for images with colordepth of 8bit or less
  • F - Right-click menu offers a user-defined keywords list, to be added to images or films
  • F - Keyword menu is added to Search form
    F stands for feature, B for Bug fix, U for update

    The most interesting new feature is the user-defined keywords. It makes labeling images much easier! Printing is also something missing for too long. It still needs lot of work (e.g. the ability to print thumbnails) but it's a start.

    As always i welcome your thoughts and suggestions! If you find any bugs please report them.
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