Cheez 3.0
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Version 3.0 is here!
Sep 24, 2004

Cheez 3.0 is now available for download. There are many new features in this release, with some of them being quite advanced. I hope Cheez is still a simple program, because keeping things simple is a high priority for me. Unfortunately this gets harder as more features find their way into the program.

The most interesting new features are video support, editing/enhancing images, printing and mailing. Of course there are many other new things like the Open With menu and the Add keyword function, plus you will find many improvements in areas such as searching, sharing or viewing images.

Finally Cheez now supports Finnish (12 languages in total) thanks to Kristian Laakkonen!

Here is a complete list of changes from version 2.0:
  • B - Fixed various small bugs
  • U - Mousewheel support in slideshow
  • U - Mousewheel support in view form
  • U - Double clicking a Film in search results, selects that Film
  • U - Total rewrite of XML handling routines
  • F - Support for movies/videos
  • F - Export/Import films (with images/descriptions) using a single ZIP file
  • U - Better mouse wheel support
  • F - When running from CD prefer local Films directory, don't show messages
  • F - Mail images/videos, using default mail application
  • F - Show custom fields on thumbnail's tooltip (name, size, dimensions, description etc)
  • F - Sort films by name
  • F - Print relevant info under printed image (name, description, keywords, date)
  • F - Edit images: resize/crop/colors/effects/red-eye removal
  • U - Backup XML file before converting to newer version
  • U - Show films/files in status bar for films
  • U - Blank lines at the start of a JPG comment are removed
  • F - Edit images from View form
  • F - Mail images from View form
  • F - Mail images from Search results
  • F - Batch rename files (Image-0001, Image-0002 etc)
  • U - Migrate to LibGfl 2.11
  • U - Save tree width
  • U - Move items up/down on Choose Program form
  • F - Print images
  • U - when renaming files, the extension is added if not given by user
  • B - Fixed bad thumbnail quality for images with colordepth of 8bit or less
  • F - Right-click menu offers a user-defined keywords list, to be added to images or films
  • F - Keyword menu is added to Search form
  • F - Migrated to Virtual Treeview. This is a much faster tree that also supports advanced dragging features. Now when you reposition your films by dragging, you can put them over, under or inside other films, all in one move.
  • F - Drag and drop from any Windows application straight to films is now supported.
  • U - Better keyboard support. Most functions should now be accessible with keyboard shortcuts.
  • U - The problems with importing erroneous images are now resolved (such images are ignored).
  • U - Migrated to LibGfl. This affects lots of things: import/refresh is much faster now, more formats are supported (around 100 formats), lossless rotation of JPEG images
  • U - Speed improvements
  • U - Search respects selected film
  • F - Advanced search: give many words separated with space and search for any word, all words, phrase
  • U - New dExif library v 1.01a. This solves problems with reading Exif info from some cameras.
  • U - ExifInfo form is redesigned
  • F - Copy images to clipboard
  • F - Copy images to folder
  • F - Copy film to folder
  • F - Slideshow of search results
  • F - ViewImage: Display Next/Previous image from results or Film or External dir
  • F - ViewImage: keyboard support
  • F - Window positions/sizes are saved
  • U - Web albums save images in a directory named album_files not in album_images
  • U - Web album: preview images
  • F - Web album of search results is now possible
  • U - Web album always converts images to JPEG format
  • F - Customizable Open With menu. Add programs to the list, so you can open images with your favorite tools.
    F stands for feature, B for Bug fix, U for update

    As always i welcome your comments and suggestions!
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