Cheez 3.0
Edit images

Select one or more images and choose "Edit" from the right-click menu to open the Edit form (or from View form press the "Edit" button). Here you can enhance your images.

The Edit form has three discreet areas:
  • On top is the navigation toolbar allowing you to go to the First/Previous/Next/Last image.
  • In the middle is the action/filter panel containing the tools to enhance your images.
  • At the bottom is the control area, allowing you to Undo/Redo changes, Apply/Revert actions/filters.

    To edit your images first select a tab from the available ones: Size (Crop, Resize), Style (B&W, Sepia, Emboss), Colors (Brightness, Contrast, Gamma), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), Red eyes, Soften (Soften, Blur, Gaussian blur), Sharpen (Sharpen, Enhance detail, Enhance focus).

    Move the sliders or press the appropriate buttons and view your changes in the preview area. Press "Apply" to make the preview image current. Use "Revert" to discard changes in the preview area (current image -> preview image).

    You can use the Undo/Redo buttons to go back and forth in the current image. When you are happy with your changes press the "Save" button to permanently save the current image to disk.

    Before using crop you must draw a rectangle in the Preview area.
    A rectangle must be drawn for Red eyes too. Make it around each eye and then press "Fix". Tolerance defines what shades of red will be corrected. A high tolerance will only change very bright red while a low tolerance will change dull red (low tolerance may affect skin color so perform some tests on every image you fix to achieve best results).
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