Cheez 3.0

Clicking Preferences on the File menu will present you with a list of options.

There are three main categories of options: ones regarding the general program behaviour, one about thumbnails and one about Slide show.

General options

  • When importing. You can choose to either Copy or Move files to your Films folder when importing files. Cheez uses a main folder to store all imported files. When importing files (e.g. from another folder) these files will be either moved or copied to the Films folder. Recommendation: leave this to Copy Files until you feel confident in the use of Cheez, so you won't accidentaly delete any files.
  • Dates must be formatted. If you check this then you can also specify the format you prefer (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY). Formatted dates means you cannot type anything in the Date field for files or films. You must give a correct date. Keep in mind that if you enable this option after you have already entered some dates, these will not be shown. Disabling it will show your already inserted data again.
  • Autosave changes in descriptions and keywords. If this is enabled then you don't need to click the Save button after entering information for a file. They will be automatically saved when you select another image/video/film or quit the program. Recommendation: enable it, it is must easier.
  • View files using the associated Windows App. Enable this to view images with a Windows application (e.g. Paint, Internet Explorer or whatever program you use to view images). Videos are always viewed with the appropriate Windows application. Recommendation: enable it if you use a good Image Viewer.
  • Fit images to window, when viewing them. If this is enabled images will be fitted to the view window when you open them. Otherwise they will be shown to their full size. Recommendation: if most of your images are standard size (e.g. 1600x1200) enable it. Also resize the View window to a comfortable size, since this will be remembered next time you view an image.
  • Sort files by name (instead of import date). If this is enabled thumbnails in a Film will be shown sorted by their name. If it is disabled then files will be sorted by their import date (last file imported or moved to a Film will be shown last).
  • Autosave data file (xml) after every change. Enabling this will save your XML data file after every change. E.g. if you rename a film, or enter some file information the file will be saved. This is of course slower compared to only saving when you quit, but protects better against system crashes, power failures etc. Recommendation: disable it unless you have too few files or a very fast computer.
  • Recursion in folders for Import and Refresh. When this is enabled, subfolders are taken into account when Importing or Refreshing. E.g. if you Import a folder with this option enabled, all subfolders including images/videos will also be imported. For refreshing a Film it is the same thing: with this option enabled all subfolders and images/videos will also be refreshed. NOTE: when refreshing, new folders will only be found when this option is enabled. Recommendation: Leave this checked. Disable it only if you want to do a specific task (e.g. import a folder's images without the subfolders).
  • Force refresh (does not check for file modification). If this is enabled images are refreshed (and their thumbnail recreated) all the time. If it is disabled only modified images are refreshed. Recommendation: Leave this unchecked.

    Thumbnail options

  • Width/Height. This specifies the dimensions of the thumbnails. 128x128 is generally good, but some people prefer larger sizes (192x192 or even 256x256). NOTE: changing this will not immediately change the thumbnails. You need to Refresh films for thumbnails to be resized (and for refresh to recreate the thumbnails you must temporarily enable the option "Force refresh (does not check for file modification)").
  • Spacing. This specifies the distance between thumbnails.
  • Back Color/Fore Color. These are the colors used for the background and border of thumbnails.
  • Selected Back Color/Fore Color. These are the colors used for the background and border of selected thumbnails.
  • Tooltip fields. Here you can specify which image/video fields will be displayed in the hint window that pops up when you pass your mouse over thumbnails.
  • Thumbnail size in search results. This is the size of the smaller thumbnails, displayed on the search results list. It can go up to 64x64.
  • Preserve thumbnail ratio in search results. This preserves the image aspect ratio in the smaller thumbnails of the search results list. Disable it to draw square thumbnails, even though they will be disorted.

    Slide Show options

  • Loop. Whether to restart from the first image after showing the last image.
  • Display image name. If checked a green caption with the name of the image is displayed on the top left corner while viewing a slide show.
  • Advancement. If this is set to Automatic you must also give the seconds interval between images. If it set to manually, advancement only happens after a mouse or keyboard command.
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