Cheez 3.0
Send by mail

Selecting one or more images/videos and choosing "Mail" from the right-click menu opens the Send by mail form. This allows you to send images and videos via email. Moreover some optimization will take place, so the mail size will be kept low.

The first option is to Convert images to JPG (this by itself reduces the size of non JPG images). Then you can select the quality of the JPG images where 100 is the best and 0 is the worst. A range of 60-80 will give the best quality for a small size. Finally you can resize your images: 640x480 is the recommended size for sending images with email.

For videos one option is available: to only send one frame of the video file as an image, instead of the whole video. You can deselect it if you really want to send the whole video, but be careful since videos sizes tend to be big.

Pressing the "Send" button will prepare the email and then open your default mailing application (e.g. Outlook Express, Mozilla mail etc). The prepared mail will be displayed, ready with some simple text and of course the attached files. All you have to do is to specify the recepients, change the subject/text if you want and send it!
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