Cheez 3.0

Some features planed for future versions:

  • Allow Zoom in Edit form
  • Allow pan in View form, full size mode
  • Create custom HintWindow
  • Show Exif related things on tooltip
  • Drag items from Cheez to Windows
  • Printing thumbnails (contact sheet), printing options (4x6 etc)
  • Back up XML automatically
  • Display information under every thumbnail (dimensions - name - disksize)
  • Find dublicate images (same name and/or size)
  • Create folders with search criteria (virtual films). Should update selves?
  • Create folders with user drag-dropped images (virtual films - favorites)
  • Web album also fetches sub-films (show as sub-films needing a click in html too)
  • Web album uses css/templates
  • Web album pop up windows are correctly sized based on image width/height
  • Web album layout: index/detail layout with next/prev/index buttons
  • Web album layout: index on top/bottom/left/right frame, image on other frame
  • New search tab, with exif info tags to search (also comment tag and comment segment)
  • When importing JPG, add ExifInfo.Date to XmlPDate node (and exif comment?)
  • When importing images, add FileDate to XmlPDate
  • Major transfers from Exif to Cheez or from Cheez to Exif (date, comments). Sync?
  • Slideshow EXE
  • Slideshow MPEG/AVI/DVD
  • Sort files by name/date/hand: Prefs define default import behaviour (by name, by date). Then every film's images can be sorted by name/date (with menu option) or by hand (dragging)
  • For all questions mail Copyright © 2002 - 2005, Dimitris Giannitsaros. All rights reserved.