Cheez 3.0
Importing Images

The first and most important thing to learn while using Cheez is to import images for managing. There are many ways to add images. Also there is a special way to view a folder's images without making it part of your image collection.

The first way is to use the Import capabilities. You can click the Import Many or Import One buttons. Import Many will collect all images included in a folder (and based on your Preferences the folders under it). Import One will only import a single image. Imported images will be copied inside the selected Film (no Film will be created). If you want images to go to a new film you must first create it (right click a Film and select New Film) and then do the import.

The second way is by dragging images or folders from Windows Explorer (or other applications) to Cheez's main window or to another Film. Dragged images are handled exactly like the Import One button. For folders there is one difference: the dragged folder will be created as a new Film. So if you drag and drop a folder named PartyImages, a new Film (also named PartyImages) will be created under the selected Film. If you would do the same thing with Import Many then the images from PartyImages would go inside the selected Film.

The third way is by copying new images and folders to your Films folder and then using the Refresh button. For instance if you copy some new images inside the folder PartyImages (e.g. to C:\Program Files\Cheez\Films\PartyImages) you can then select the PartyImages Film and press Refresh. The new images will be detected and Cheez will ask you if you wish to import them.

The last way is by using Acquire. This is a method to get images from a scanner, digital camera or other digital device (it must be a TWAIN compatible device). Usually a window will pop up where you can scan/select images and after you do that Cheez will import the images. Finally you can view images contained in a folder without them becoming part of your Film collection (External Folders). Pressing the Show button will ask for a folder to display. After specifying a folder this will be added at the end of your Films tree (also denoted by a special icon). Selecting it you can view images contained in this folder, but you cannot for instance enter a description for these images. Also deleting external folders will not delete anything on your hard disk; only the link to that folder will be removed from your Films tree. Of course you can drag images from an external folder to one of your films in order to really import these images.
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