Cheez 3.0
Viewing Images

To view an image double click on it from the main screen or the search results. Alternatively you can right and select View (for main screen) or press the View button (search results). If you have many selected images (either in the main window or the search results) one window will open for every image.

While viewing an image pressing the Fit button will scale the image to fit in the current window size (only if the image is bigger than the window). Pressing Full Size will show the image in its real size. While in Full Size mode you can use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to zoom the image. You can select whether images should be displayed by default in Fit mode or in Full Size mode from Preferences.

You can use the Previous/Next image to view the next image (either from the thumbnails or from search results). The Edit button will open the Edit form while the Mail button the Send by mail form. Another useful feature of Cheez allows you to view images using the associated Windows application. For example if you use Paint to view BMP images then Paint will be called to display a BMP image, if you use Internet Explorer to view JPG images, then it will be opened to view a JPG image etc. This is an option in Preferences.
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